How We Can Build Australia’s Future 7 Star Homes

How We Can Build Australia’s Future 7 Star Homes
In 2022, new 7 Star Minimum Energy Efficiency Regulations are due to be introduced for homes throughout Australia. This presentation will discuss the results of a recent detailed research investigation examining a variety of practical measures to meet the 7-Star NatHERS performance band in the major climate zones in Australia.

Discussion will include:

• The comparative performance of traditional brick veneer and lightweight cladding, as well as high performance double stud, cross laminated, reverse brick veneer and Hebel wall systems.
• The efficacy and benefits of greater insulation, in ceiling, floor and wall systems.
• The critical importance of window selection including the range of different glazing and frame options and their use in both living and bedroom spaces.
• The relative thermal bridging implications on the R value of both lightweight steel and timber framed walls is also discussed.
• Finally, a summary of the most cost-effective combinations to meet 7-Star is presented.
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Release Date
August, 2021
Philip Christopher