AutoCAD 2D v Revit 3D - Introducing BIM and Revit Modelling

In this first session we will look at how most people put together their drawings in 2D using AutoCAD with the use of CAD Standards (such as Layers, Annotation Styles), Model and Paper Space, and all of the AutoCAD Drawing, Construction and Modifying Tools.

We will then look at BIM (Building Information Modelling) and where industry is heading with this tool. Attendees will get to see the Revit environment as they watch a basic house being modelled in 3D using Revit.

They will see what a true Parametric 3D modelling package can really offer them, they will see how quickly they can create a house with real walls, doors, and windows. They will see the ease of how the roof is created saving so much time.
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Release Date
July, 2020
Glenn Berrett