Privacy Policy

Collection, Use and Disclosure of Your Personal and Business Information

Design Matters National needs to collect, use and disclose your personal and business information in order to consider your application for membership to the Design Matters National. You can choose not to provide us with some or all of the information, but this may affect our ability to assess your eligibility for membership to Design Matters National. By providing your personal and business information to us, you acknowledge and consent to us collecting and using your information for the purposes of assessing your current and any subsequent application for membership and for us to disclose such information to our related associations, insurers, government agencies, sponsors, and (in limited form) to members of the public.


Design Matters National prohibits the sourcing of its members' email addresses from this website or collection of its members' email addresses by any other means for the purpose of mass marketing. Any person or entity identified as having generated an email list of Design Matters Nationals’ Members via this website will be prosecuted under the Spam Act 2003.