In a milestone collaboration between the two leading organisations representing Building Designers in Australia, Building Design Queensland (BDQ) and Design Matters National (DMN) have inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) bringing significant benefits to members since 1 May, 2024.

The agreement, announced by Danielle Johnston, CEO of DMN, allows members from both organisations to access continuing professional development (CPD) courses from each other's libraries at member pricing.
Danielle highlighted the mutual respect and cooperative spirit that facilitated this agreement. "This initiative is about leveraging our collective resources to enhance the value we offer to our members. It's a testament to our shared commitment to the professional growth of our communities," she explained.

Danielle's vision for this partnership goes beyond just shared resources. "It's about building bridges between different professional landscapes and providing our members with a broader horizon of opportunities," she stated.
This pioneering agreement between DMN and BDQ not only enriches  the professional lives of both DMN and BDQ members but also sets a robust example of how collaboration can lead to greater collective benefits in the professional community.

Members can expect further updates on this partnership in DMN’s upcoming communications.