Victorian Area Manager Jackson Thurlow said, “I am excited to show the Design Matters National Members our expansive product range in particularly our Sustainable Products for the Future range and see more projects come to life using this exciting range of unique products”.

Island Block & Paving is Australia’s largest independent masonry manufacturer with a focus on sustainability and developing patented ISO 9001:2008 certified products.

The Global Greentag certified ‘Sustainable Products for the Future’ range of Blocks, Bricks, Pavers and Retaining wall systems are now available to the Victorian building industry. 

Products are manufactured with a finely crushed engineered sand consisting of coloured glass aggregates, derived from recycled container glass. All products are available in on trend colours and various high-end surface finishes.

Our whites and off-white colours in various surface finishes are new to the market. All products are coloured throughout, i.e., not surface coatings or a glazed surface finish that can potentially chip off in handling. 

The Freestone ECO Retaining Wall system from Island Block & Paving is a more sustainable, vertical retaining wall for your next project. Large sized hollow blocks allow for steel reinforcing and concrete fill whilst engineering design assistance is also available to download through our website. The Freestone ECO Retaining Wall system comes in a range of colours & exclusive surface finishes.

The Pavers for the Future range are a durable, premium paving collection specifically designed for high use municipal and commercial pavements. Predominate sizes available are 400mm x 300mm x 65mm thick and 300mm x 200mm x 65mm thick. These are designed to withstand commercial traffic as well as high pedestrian volumes with endless design opportunities are available as the paver sizes are interchangeable.

A full range of 240mm concrete blocks is also available. All 240mm blocks are manufactured with Tech-Dry water repellent additives and can be made to order in any colour from the Island Block & Paving range.

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