Contracts and Deeds

The following items are available exclusively from Design Matters National. Once purchased, the digital files will be available for download from the My Purchases page in the portal.

Domestic Works

Domestic Building Works Contract
Domestic Building Works Contract for major domestic building. A major domestic building contract is required for most building projects to build, renovate or extend a home, such as a house or unit, where the cost of the work is over $10,000.

Commercial Works

Commercial Building Works Contract
Commercial Building Works Contract Template. Last updated December 2019
Commercial Alterations and Additions Contract and User Guide
This Contract has been specifically developed for use by Design Matters members’ clients who are an owner, developer or tenant of a property (Owner) who wishes to engage a builder (Builder) for the construction or alteration of commercial premises. The contract is intended to be entered by Owner and Builder.

Miscellaneous Items

Deed of Release CAD files and User Guide
A Deed is a legally binding agreement that parties can enter, to document the terms they have agreed to. This Deed has been specifically developed for use by DMN members who have agreed to release CAD files to their clients, usually in exchange for some additional payment.
Engagement Agreement