Design Narratives in Hotels: Enhancing Guest Experience

Design Narratives in Hotels: Enhancing Guest Experience
Interior Design Studio Nic Graham & Assoc. was established by Nicholas Graham in 1998 in Sydney, Australia. The studio primarily focuses on hospitality, commercial and high-end residential projects. It is celebrated for bold use of colour and graphics and eccentric memorable designs, while maintaining a true sense of warmth and comfort and a hands-on approach in each project. The team frequently collaborates with local artists, crafts people, florists, graphic and fashion designers and even chefs to achieve unique character for every project. Their dedicated personal approach has helped them maintain lasting partnerships with various clients for over two decades of a design work. While being inspired by mid-century vintage styles, Nic and his team show great dedication in every aspect of their work and take pride in the finishing details.
Release Date
July, 2021
Nic Graham