TPA Monthly Meet Up

TPA Monthly Meet Up
1 CPD Non Technical

TPA Monthly Meet Up

10/06/2021 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM AEST 


Bring all your questions and expertise to this once a month informative and fun get together.  This month the topic discussed is airtightness.  

  • Air pressure differentials
  • Potential Leakage, Penetrations
  • Air exchange rates
  • Regulations and Standards - Air Exchange Rates
  • Draft; Windspeed/Indoor pressure
  • Air tightness materials and products/ Wall Assembly
  • Airtightness and heating loads
  • Window installation
  • Air Tightness and Controlled Ventilation
  • Blower Door Test 

About the Presenter

Theresa Braunsch
Working directly with architects, builders, sub-contractors, ESD consultants and homeowners, provided great opportunities for Theresa Braunsch to be involved in projects at various stages, experiencing different perspectives.

Applying best design practice, the following aspects have to be taken into consideration:

· Thermal Performance
· Indoor Environment Quality
· Acoustics
· Product Structural Requirements
· DDA Compliance
· BAL Ratings
· Aesthetics 
· Product suitability and performance 
· Product availability/Manufacturing Capabilities
· Project Budget

Australian Institute of Architects and Design Matters National have given Theresa opportunities over the years to be involved in Continuous Professional Development programs by presenting to their members. She very much enjoys engaging with Architects, ESD consultants, Builders and Students across Australia and sharing her knowledge regarding building compliance, regulations, and best practice.  

CPD Points: 1 Non Technical CPD point. This will be recorded in Design Matters Members' CPD Manager within 5 business days following the event.

Cancellation Policy: We know that situations sometimes arise preventing you from attending. However, Design Matters does incur costs in organising these events. If you find you cannot attend, cancellation fees may apply.

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