Why is mould becoming more of an issue?

Why is mould becoming more of an issue?
1 CPD Non Technical

Why is mould becoming more of an issue?

24/06/2021 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM AWST | 12PM AEST


Deanne will discuss why mould is becoming more of an issue in today's society and how we can address this increasing issue in build design.

As a building biologist and mould testing technician Deanne sees many preventable issues in builds that result in increased microbial growth. From the choice of building materials, roofing design, waterproofing, water vapour and condensation allowance as ventilation, particularly in passive builds there are many factors to consider when designing a healthy home that will help reduce the likelihood of mould growth. 

This workshop provides a comprehensive look into why mould is becoming a greater issue within the built environment, common issues seen with builds today, why people seem to be more susceptible to mould and of course what considerations need to be made in the design stage. 

About the Presenter

Deanne Hislop

With over 20 years experience in environmental health, Deanne works closely with integrative and functional practitioners, specialising in EMF mitigation and mould, as well as all aspects of building biology.

Deanne runs numerous workshops and seminars, from beginner to practitioner level, and sits as an adviser on several environmental health groups.

Deanne is passionate about children’s health and unburdening the body.

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