7 Star NatHERS: creating affordable and appropriate housing

7 Star NatHERS: creating affordable and appropriate housing

1 CPD NatHERS Technical

7 Star NatHERS: creating affordable and appropriate housing

10/10/2022  12:00 PM (UTC)  |  1.00 PM (UTC)



The Western Australian Department of Communities resolved to achieve 7 star NatHERS for social housing where possible in August 2021.  With over 600 homes now designed to achieve 7 star, Communities is ready for NCC2022.  While it may cost more to modify “off-the-plan” this is not the case for “designed for site” options.  And the benefits for the most important people in the process, the occupants, far outweigh the cost.  


    • Who is the Department of Communities? 37,000 public housing assets and increasing – new builds and purchases of existing dwellings.
    • Homes are located across 5 different climate zones.
    • Our 7 star NatHERS program.
    • Our first build – what did it cost?
    • Costs per climate zone.
    • Challenges and benefits.
    • Next steps – NatHERS is not everything.

Learning Outcomes: 

    • Mythbusting – what’s true and what’s not.
    • Volume builders can hit 7 star.
    • The challenges based on climate zones.
    • The benefits of assessors being involved early.
    • Anticipated savings – no on the ground experience yet.
    • We can’t rely just on NatHERS – there’s more to consider.




Dave Jones
Department of Communities

David Jones is Chief Sustainability Officer at the Department of Communities and is responsible for managing the Department’s Climate Action and Sustainability Team. This Team coordinates the Department’s response to achieving net zero greenhouse gas emission goals while mapping opportunities to reduce utility costs while achieving improved liveability for tenants. A qualified urban planner and urban designer with a Masters in Development Studies, David has over 20 years of experience working in government and the development industry in Western Australia and the Middle East.




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