SIPs are the future

SIPs are the future
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SIPs are the future

02/08/2022  1:00 PM - 2:00 PM  (AEST)


SIPs are offering a new way to construct both commercial and residential buildings. We will give a short introduction to the nature and history of SIPs, how SIPs can replace the role or use  of timber and to a certain extent steel in modern construction.

SIPs are structural panels that replaces subfloor systems, stud walls and trusses or rafters. SIPs often completely replaces trusses, rafters and battens in residential construction as they can span single span up to 10m. SIPs has very good thermal properties with higher R-values and reduction in thermal bridging compared with traditional systems. SIPs are factory made and are ideal for pre-fab and modular building systems.

A well designed and documented SIPs building can speed up onsite construction time considerably with lock-up stage possible in 1-2 weeks following slab completion, or 2-3 weeks for suspended sub-floor system.

We will discuss:

  • How best to design and specify with SIPs
  • BAL. and fire ratings, cost of SIPs
  • How specifying SIPs can reduce project costs
  • Reducing long term heating and cooling cost
  • How SIPs construction comes close to Passivhaus standards but without the associated costs.    

SIPs are one of the key future building products that will increasingly assists us in our pursuit of better build invironments whilst lowering build cost.

Learning Outcomes:

  • What are SIPs and how do we design with and specify them.
  • SIPs facilitates easy transision to 7 stars and beyond.
  • SIPs addresses current timber supply issues and facilitates shift to factory based construction systems thereby increasing quality and lowering overall cost and time on site.



Per Bernard
Structural Panels Australia

Came from Denmark in 1989 as a carpenter and am today registered commercial and residential builder. He worked in the commercial sector in Melbourne before moving to Daylesford in the early nineties where he founded Unicorn House, a boutique architectural and building practice, specialising in the design and construction of highly energy efficient buildings, developing several unique systems in order to reduce the need for mechanical heating and cooling  systems. In 2020 we acquired Structural Panels Australia and moved the manufacturing of SIPs to Daylesford in order to continue the development of energy efficient AND affordable building systems.  

Udith Irosan
Structural Panels Australia

Udith Irosan came from Sri Lanka back in 2007 as a student to complete his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering at Swinburne University in Melbourne.
In 2018 he started working for  Structural Panels Australia as the estimator & draftsman.  Within two and half years he was promoted to Design Engineer position. Udith's main goal was to find an affordable, sustainable, and energy efficient building systems to the people in Australia and all around the world which are also structurally stronger and shorter time in building compared to conventional building system. 


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