1 CPD NatHERS Technical


30/09/2021 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM AEST 


Event overview

Attention BERS users… We know you’ve felt left out in the cold on software training and updates for quite a while, however that’s all about to change. With the Aridian project now retired, the focus at Energy Inspection is now firmly levelled on updating and improving BERSPro. With this new impetus also comes a focus on technical training and professional development for users. In this one-hour, live, online, open-mic session, Rebecca will be answering all your technical questions, from elementary modelling questions, to guidance on the more complex modelling elements, and anything BERS-specific in between. Questions can be sent in beforehand or asked during the event. You can even send in a snapshot of an interesting or challenging modelling scenario so the solution can be discussed and shared with everyone attending.

About the Presenter


Rebecca Robins

Rebecca Robins is a foundation NatHERS Assessor with extensive experience across all parts of the NatHERS industry. Since 1996, she has worked with a focus on both the success of her TPA business, Efficiency Assessments, as well as the growth, development and professional recognition of all assessors through behind-the-scenes work to improve the systems, information and regulatory environment. Over the years, she has coupled working in the private sector with providing services to all levels of government and AAOs.  She is accredited in three NatHERS software and has worked with ABSA, BASIX and NatHERS on various projects.  She has recently joined the DMN TASC and is looking forward to further contributing to NatHERS and the TPAs within the scheme. Her aim is to  encourage assessor autonomy and ability to make professional judgements based on a sound understanding of building efficiency principles and the underlying processes of the NatHERS software and Chenath engine.


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