Behind the Scenes with K-STUDIO

Behind the Scenes with K-STUDIO
1 CPD Non Technical

Behind the Scenes with K-STUDIO

07/09/2021 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM AEST 


Event Overview:

Developed by Athens architecture practice K-STUDIO, Dexamenes was named Ultimate Winner of the 2021 AHEAD Global awards.

Located on Greece's western Peloponnese coastline, the Dexamenes Seaside Hotel is a 40-suite luxury resort housed within a 100-year-old abandoned wine-storage and factory facility.

The original structure was built on the sea so ships could be loaded with wine made from currants, directly from the tanks, before setting sail for the major overseas markets. 

The derelict, industrial structures that characterise the site were left relatively untouched since the 1920s, sitting quietly on one of the most unspoiled and beautiful stretches of coastline. 

Original features such as the manholes and pipes in the façade of each tank and the patina of the internal wall surfaces have been preserved. 

The project has been described as a place “where every design gesture has a purpose, there is no embellishment just a celebration of the truth”. 

About the Presenter


K-STUDIO is a design practice rooted in Architecture with a creative studio of 60 architects and interior designers based in central Athens. The contextual approach produces unique and immersive experiences through Architecture, Hardscape Design and Interior Design, allowing K-STUDIO to achieve a holistic sense of experience across the range of unique spatial qualities within every project. This approach is applied to any scale of project and allows us to treat larger scale, more complex works as collections of smaller studies, creating expansive systems for design with greater clarity, definition and attention to detail.


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